Go off the beaten path! Tell us what kind of traveller you are and we will help you to design your trip with the best of our region.

In 15 years as tour guides, taking care of people and their accomodation we understand that every person has different tastes and needs and when you plan a trip you better make sure that the person giving you suggestions knows you well enough to please you. That is our mission.

This is not an agency. We don’t mark up on hotels or restaurants. What we would like is to help you to enjoy our region!
Give us more informations and details and we will provide you our experience to choose locations, hotels, excursions, roads or trains, restaurants or to  book or organize tastings, events and visits that you can set in advance or simply know the right email to write to.

We charge a small fee to provide you a password to log-in on your personal page where you will find everything you’ll choose (with our help) to have on your trip, such as hotels, restaurants together with all the best tips and experiences we will build for you (shops, street food, pastries, typical and local experiences…).

Everything will be designed and booked on your behalf and you will be able to manage every single detail of your trip with support prior the trip and during the trip. We guarantee for you the best conditions and treatments and, for every detail, we will try to give you several options matching with your expectations to help you to choose.


QuestionsSTEP 1:
fill out our questionnarie and give us some information about the kind of trip you would like to have and the aspects you want to highlight




Travel FilosofySTEP 2: By email or an online chat (tell us when is more convenient for you) you may give us more details especially about your “travel philosophy”, what you know already about Puglia (Apulia) and if you have issues or places you don’t want to miss.




receive your codeSTEP 3: Pay us a small fee and you’ll imediately receive your trip-code that will be the key to access to your personal page where you will see your trip in its progress: this will be the platform we will use to communicate with you, giving you options to choose from; maps; itineraries; all the contacts; infos; suggestions; photos and perhaps videos and everything else we will decide (together!) to add in.



Access to your trip

STEP 4: Set up your luggage! Remember that you have access to your trip plan at anytime and that will be your guide-line and your “personal assistant” where you can always communicate with us.