pedalling around, feeling the wind in your hair, having enough speed to explore the World but keeping the right pace to enjoy it, being free to be on your own or in great company, having a health life-style or being sporty…
there are so many reason why we love bicycles and cycling that is tough to write them all; but if you are a keen cyclist or simply someone a little curious or interested to go for a ride let us know!

Paolo loves cycling and bikepacking; he has been working for several tour companies and organises tours himself. We have several options for you and we can always create something completely custom-made. The area offers all different kind of terrains: if you are a road cyclist there is a lot of quiet roads and remote villages, if you are more gravel or mountain bike type, there are beautiful parks where you can have all the adventure you want. We can provide you the bike that you need with the right size and you can join a group or you can go for a solo ride of one or multiple days.

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