Here at Apulia Handmade, we are first of all travellers! We have been all around the world and we have learned a lot about ourselves; we now know exactly how to plan a journey to have it filled with everything we love.
Our main concern when we Welcome our clients in Puglia (Apulia), is to introduce them one of the most authentic Italian regions where you can still find the real Italy far from mass tourism!

What we offer is simply what we love to find when we explore the world:
– local friends that can give you all their best tips to help you experiencing, tasting and enjoying their country at its best.
– licensed guides that can explain you or history and art, but also traditions and local culture telling you you what’s worth your time and what’s not
– trip designers that take in high consideration words like “customized” or “tailored” and want to provide you an experience designed around your needs and desires, a trip that suits you, your style, your taste, your expectations.
– artisans in touch with you to create your ideas, dreams, visions.



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