Here at Apulia Handmade, we are first of all travellers! We have been all around the world and what we have learned the most authentic and genuine places; that’s why we love Southern Italy!  The authentic Italy far from mass tourism!

What we offer is simple but effective:
local friends with all their best tips to help you experiencing, tasting and enjoying their places.
licensed guides that can explain you historical and artistic sites, but also traditions and local culture
 trip designers that take in high consideration the word “tailored” and want to provide you an experience designed around your needs, your style, your taste and your expectations.
 craftsmen protecting old traditions and technics; they still make unique creations of superb quality.
– outdoor lovers that can lead you to great hiking or cycling adventures totally off the beaten track.

Map For Cyclists

By clicking this BikeMap (powered by Google) you will see in different colours a series of locations divided in three big categories:

  • in yellow we have water fountains and bike cafes (we can’t guarantee they will be all working once you’ll be there, but at the minute they are all working, let us know if you find some others)
  • in red we have all places to stay from camping to luxury hotels; They have in common the idea of being bike-friendly (it means they have a place where you can park your bike safely, but also, in certain cases, bike to rent, some tools, a bike-wash, some spares, a generous breakfast or some other treats)
  • in blue we have bike shops, bike stores and bike mechanics; consider that in case of bad issues even a store might help you.

We hope this tool will help you creating your own itinerary exploring Southern Italy.
It is a working progress so we are more than happy to get your inputs and suggestions to make it as complete as possible.


Have a look to our coming up events.
We have organised an entire calendar to offer you amazing Southern Italy experiences.
Scroll down to see more and write us if you want to have something planned for dates that suit you better or if you wish to have a custom-made trip!


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