This event is for the ones of you that are looking for an “extreme” cycling experience in Southern Italy.

Basilicata Region is one of the most unspoiled and unexplored part of Italy – mostly uninhabited – and offers a great chance to discover the real authenticity of our country with amazing landscapes, genuine people, great wine and delicious local products

Apulia Handmade and Ferula Viaggi are both glad to launch a new edition of “Basilicata Coast to Coast Tour”, an organised (but not too much) cycling journey of 6 days/7 nights departing from and ending in Matera and touching both Tyrrhenian and Ionian sea


🚴🏻‍♂️ 1. Cycle-traveller who love bikepacking as a travel concept that is based on the idea of bringing as less as possible so you can enjoy pedalling without too much weight

⛰️ 2. Travellers that don’t care of luxury hotels, but would rather prefer to get lost in a remote part of the World finding a simple and basic place to stay but still clean, decent and comfortable.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 3. Friends that, besides loving their bicycles, also what to share and get in touch with other people, drinking a cold beer or a glass of wine, eating together some of the local specialities.

🎢 4. Crazy people that go for the harder, but scenic, road instead of pedalling throughout a boring flat area; people that are not afraid of all kind of terrains and killing ramps and aren’t ashamed of getting off their bikes to push them up when it gets too tough or too steep: people with a great bottom to sit on for long days on the saddle 😃


🧺 1. It is basically a self-supported trip (without the support of any vehicle): each of us is going to be responsible for his own expenses including lunches and snacks; our management and logistics of the trip only covers places to stay, breakfast and dinner.

👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏻 2. We will cycle together, but each of us will get maps of our day by day itinerary so can feel more independent to be slower or faster. However, because it is still a group tour we will set sort of check points where we will gather everyone (usually the worst cafes of the region)

☀️ 3. It is going to be super hot, so we will manage to leave very early in the morning to be able to pedal as much as we can when it is not too crazy hot, but the guide will plan for us more stops according with everybody’s needs.

🍖⛺ 4. Restaurants and B&Bs will be booked by our office; if any of us prefers to have a single room will be charged of a single supplement. We will choose simple and basic places to stay to offer decent comfort and services to everyone; the idea is to keep it as simple as possible and to reduce all costs, therefore we will recommend sharing rooms (there will be maximum triple rooms). At dinner we will have set menus to make it easy for our hosts.

By the way; for one of the nights we will sleep in a tent!!!

🚲 5. Our organisation is able to provide bikes of different types (https://www.bikebasilicata.it/bikes/) and, if you need and ask for it, we can manage transfers (cost to be determined), mechanical assistance and help if you might need.


– Comfortable bikes with tyres at least 28mm wide

– Safety lights

– Something to get change and at least some deodorant 😃

– A small tool kit and some spares

– some extra cash to offer us a coffee and to buy you meals and snacks

– a big smile and will to have fun


🚲 DAY 1: Meet-up in the evening in Matera, in a local bar to be determined, to get to know each other and to toast to a great adventure.

🚲 DAY 2: From Matera to Pietrapertosa (about 104 Km)

(elevation gain 2068m)

🚲 DAY 3: from Pietrapertosa to Maratea (about 117 Km)

(elevation gain 2583m)

🚲 DAY 4: from Maratea to Laino Borgo (about 82 Km)

(elevation gain 1488m)

🚲 DAY 5: from Laino Borgo to Colobraro (about 97 Km)

(elevation gain 2100m)

🚲 DAY 6: from Colobraro to Castellaneta Marina (about 88 Km)

(elevation gain 734m)

🚲 DAY 7: from Ginosa Marina to Matera (about 79 Km)

(elevation gain 1183m)

we will finish in Matera with a beer-toast!!! (If you want to stay in Matera overnight we will help you ti find a good place to stay)


For more info and reservations write us on Messenger, on Whatsapp at (+39) 3807943803 or send us an e-mail at info@ferulaviaggi.it

This tour will depart with a minimum of 2 people




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