Puglia and Basilicata are both great place to explore and enjoy nature. There are so many hiking trail to choose from and travel from place to place hiking like pilgrims in the Middle Ages is becoming extremely popular. We feel there is a need of taking a break by going into the wild and so we promote experiences to really get in touch with the local environments and its genuine characters.
– What about a hike with a truffle expert? Yes, it isn’t the usual “truffle hunt” where they show you how dogs can find truffles, but it is a proper long hike with a local expert, his dogs and, only is you are lucky and patient you might find a treasure.
– What about going to visit the most incredible cave-church with frescoes dated back the VIII and the IX century leaving the busy Matera behind you and conquering it on foot?
– What about reaching remotes villages to get in touch with their history and have the chance to see local people’s production like durum wheat, wine, pistachio, salami and prosciutto, saffron, focaccias, cheese…?