Alessandra’s living room, facing the Roman Ruins of the Amphitheater of Lecce, would be a sophisticated way to taste and compare Apulian wines. Of course, not all of them! Because Puglia (Apulia) is the bigger producer in Italy of table grape and wine. Not so many people know about this because other regions have a longer history of bottling wine; Tuscany and Piedmont or Sicily have started long time ago, but also Puglia (Apulia) makes wine since the Greaks age, but was famous, especially during the XIX century, for a wine used to blend other wines that needed more colour, alcohol or body.

Only about 20 years ago we started having lots of new wineries bottling wine of a good quality and now there’s a great selection of different labels also reintroducing old local grapes.

We will offer you to try whites, reds and rosé and we would like to have a comparison of different grapes like the two most famous Negramaro (NEGRUS in latin means black and MAVROS in greak also meaning black) and Primitivo (called this way because it is the first grape ready to be harvested at mid-august).

Nothing too formal… we don’t like formal… it will be a friendly “excursus”, more like a journey throughout Apulia made in a… different way.


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