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Walking Tours

We have created a selection of the best licensed tour guides of Puglia (Apulia) and Basilicata.

This Network is meant to guarantee the highest standard of quality.
Always smart, on time, well prepared, multi-language and expert in art and history, but also society, traditions, economy and typical products, hiring a tour guide is definitely the best way to have a better understanding of all the sites that thing beautiful corner of Italy offers.

“Half-Day” tours:

Half-day means a whole morning or afternoon (a max of 4 hours), usually dedicated to explore one or more villages walking around with your tour guide that tells you about the history and the way of living of the locals

“Full-Day” tours:

Full-day means a whole day (a max of 8 hours), usually dedicated to explore more villages. It is a proper day trip where beside understanding a bit more about the villages you will be walking around, your tour guide will tells you more about the general history, many curiosities, traditions and local activities

Van Service:

We also offer the possibility of be totally pampered by a service that also includes the possibility of having a van at your disposal to drive you all along the different locations that you have planned to explore with your tour guide always with you ready to answer all your questions also about what you will be noticing in the countryside.

Food Tour

Food, street food, local products, traditions, pastries, dairy, wine, olive oil, local vegetables… isn’t that also Culture?

Well, you can’t really and thoroughly understand Italy if you don’t take a journey through this world.

We love organising for you special food tours where exploring a town is also an opportunity to try some of the local specialities, go where the locals go, and experience though amazing new flavours a fun side of Southern Italy.

Craft Tour

Italy still preserves some small producers, especially craftsmen and designers. We would like to experience a walking tour of Lecce (it would be cool to do it in Matera as well) with a series of stops to know more the local artisanal artworks and to have a chance to meet the craftsmen and to see them at work. The tour usually last about 3 hours

Cultural Tour

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