Welcome to Puglia (Apulia), one of the most authentic Italian region where you can still find the real Italy far from mass tourism.

We are first of all travelers and our idea is to offer here in Puglia (Apulia) what we would like to have when we explore the world: a friend that can give you all his best tips to help you to explore his country and experience its best.

Every time you travel, every time you have a look on a map or read a book, you hardly have a clue of what’s worth and what’s not. Sometimes a friend or a forum describes as a wonderful experience to “sleep under the stars” but he doesn’t know that your back hurts or other times they won’t tell you anything about something that you’d love to try.

Apulia handmade” means the we take in high consideration words like “customized” or “tailored” and we offer a trip, an experience or handcraft creations designed on your needs and ideas.

You can be personally in touch with our craftmen to explain them your ideas, to have quotes or just to have more information about materials and style